Cirilo Bresolin

Cirilo Bresolin


Professor Cirilo Seppi Bresolin is professor in the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Currently responsible for the Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Mechanics and Introduction to Aerospace Engineering courses. Bresolin joined UFSC in 2013. He is graduated in Mechanical Engineering by the Univ. Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, where he also obtained his Master degree in thermal sciences. In 2012, he obtained his Doctor degree at UFSC. During 1 year, he worked as researcher at the Laboratório de Meios Porosos e Propriedades Termofísicas – LMPT, UFSC.

Research Interests

Professor Bresolin research focus is on simulations using the Lattice Boltzmann Method with chemical reactions. The main investigation area is the simulation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells – PEMFC using LBM. Also, works with simulations of micro thrusters for aerospace applications.

Selected Publications

  • Bresolin, C . S.; Oliveira, A. A. M. An algorithm based on collision theory for the lattice Boltzmann simulation of isothermal mass diffusion with chemical reaction. Computer Physics Communications, v. 183, p. 2542–2549, 2012.
  • Bresolin, C. S.; Costa, J. C. D.; Rudolph, V.; Schneider, P. S. Fourier transform method for sensitivity analyses in coal fired power plant. Energy Conversion and Management, v. 48, p. 2699-2707, 2007.

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